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We offer full recording services . Vocal & acoustic booth and our Neve 8424 console at the heart of it all with our in house producer / engineer Eamon O'Kane.

We offer Remote or in person mixing sessions. Stem mix and multitrack (Logic Pro DAW)

24 hr turn around on stereo or Stem mixes. Multitrack mixes may take longer.

We work with many renowned Master houses (Streaky U.K, Audio Animal U.K, Turtlerock, AUS. )

We also master in-house using a hybrid approach SSL The Bus+ & the RupertNeve MBC (as well as a variety of digital plugins, Fabfilter, Tokyo Dawn etc)


At the heart of our studio is the AMS-NEVE 8424 console.

Designed for hybrid studios with the classic Neve Marinair transformers.

Neve 1073 OPX preamps (10 channels) Neve 2264ALB compresser / limiters.

Neve 8803 stereo EQ

We also have a smaller SSL based room setup (perfect for Podcasts and electro producers)

with the UF8 / UC1 combo & SSL native series plugins,

Fabfilter, Tokyo Dawn, Abbey rd. Flatline Clipper , VocAlign pro5 , Autotune.

Our SSL room is perfect for completing automation, editing & arrangements as well as a great writing room.

Driving the system is indie Producer / engineer Eamon O'Kane.


Darkness & The Light

Sydney sound art duo 'Darkness & The Light came into the studio in May 2021. Tracking 12 songs for their Debut album 'Under a distant sun' Tracking was completed in December 21, Mixing ran until Feb 22. Album produced in house by Eamon O'Kane.


3 Little Bloomfield St

Surry Hills

NSW 2010



Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 11pm

Sunday - 12pm - 11pm


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