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Music production  Recording lessons

We offer music production & recording lessons . Hourly $65 AUD or a block of 10 for $550 AUD,
We teach the basics of production, starting with;

1.signal flow 
2.basics of Eq and compression use,
3.microphone use 
4.The role of the DAW in recording (we use Logic X)
5.What is mastering? and how does it work.
6.The basics of self releasing your music.

We are a hybrid studio with an AMS-Neve 8424 console at it's heart.
We also have an SSL digital setup (UF8 & UC1 with full SSL plugins. We can teach the use of both setups and how to use an integrated , hybrid studio. Learn to record your own and other artists music. This is a beginners course. All sessions are one on one. Monday to Saturday 10 am-6pm. Learn as quickly or slowly as you wish.

This is not an accredited course, but an introduction to the world of music production.

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